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Preserving the Tropical Dry Forests

Purchasing our Wilwili print returns a donation to the Waikoloa Dry Forest Initiative to support their work and the preservation of tropical dry forests on Hawaii Island.

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In 2005, the Wiliwili tree faced almost certain extinction when an invasive gall wasp hitchhiked its way to the islands and began laying eggs in the trees' live tissue. With the release of a biocontrol agent, scientists were able to control the invasive attack and save the Wiliwili from extinction. Although the Wiliwili population has begun to recover, the tropical dry forests in which they live continue to disappear. 

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The Waikoloa Dry Forest Preserve is located just southwest of Waikoloa Village and encompasses 275 acres of remnant dryland forest. The preserve is home to several endemic plant species including the Wiliwili (Erythrina sandwicensis). The preserve protects nearly half of the remaining kūpuna (ancesteral) Wiliwili of the Waikoloa region and promotes the natural regeneration of the forest. It is also the site of large-scale reforestation efforts.

Donations from MAGDAKINEDESIGNS help directly fund and sustain outreach programs and restoration projects at the Waikoloa Dry Forest Preserve.

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