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Prints with a Purpose

Reversing the ecological effects of the fast-fashion catastrophe and making a difference with every purchase.

As the first swimwear brand designed for the eco-elegant, our “Prints with a Purpose” are inspired by vulnerable species and environmental concerns right in your community. Every MAGDAKINEDESIGNS purchase you make gives back to a credited non-profit working to mitigate the environmental issue featured in the swimwear you choose, making the world a better place with every purchase.

Our prints are dyed in an eco-conscious process, fabricated on limited-run productions and printed on 100% Regenerated Nylon.

shark tooth print bikini shark bite magdakine prints for your passions ecoswimwear ethical fashion
wiliwili print bikini bottoms swimwear magdakinedesigns magdakine eco ethical fashion prints with a purpose
Ohia lehua bikini print swimwear white eco ethical swimwear magdakinedesigns magdakine
Ohio lehua one piece on white magdakine magdakinedesigns swimwear prints with a purpose rapid ohia death
manta ray print bikini blue magdakinedesigns magdakine eco ethical swimwear prints with a purpose marine megafauna foundation