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Manta Ray Print

Protecting our Ocean's Gentle Giants

Purchasing our Manta Ray print returns a donation to the Marine Megafauna Foundation in order to support the research and protection of our ocean's gentle giants. Zoom in to get a closer look at the cuties featured in this print.

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Marine Megafauna Foundation was founded in 2009 by internationally renowned marine scientists Andrea Marshall and Simon Pierce. After a decade of pioneering research into the stability of manta ray and whale shark populations in Mozambique, a bio-diversity hotspot off the east coast of Africa, they uncovered a shocking reality: if we don’t act now, we are in danger of losing these vulnerable species forever. MMF has now expanded their efforts to megafauna hotspots globally, to include Mexico, South America, Southeast Asia and even the coastlines of Florida.

Donations from MAGDAKINEDESIGNS benefit MMF’s projects worldwide and help fund outreach programs to local hotspot fisheries who target Manta Rays in unsustainable numbers.


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