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 Magdalena Berger, Sustainable Fashion Designer at MAGDAKINEDESIGNS Sustainable Swimwear  

In 2017 Magdalena Berger, founder/designer of MAGDAKINEDESIGNS, set out to create a swimwear brand that reverses the social and ecological effects of the fast-fashion catastrophe. Designed for the eco-elegant, our limited edition “Prints with a Purpose” are designed in-house and feature vulnerable species that need our attention.  Every MAGDAKINEDESIGNS purchase returns a donation to nonprofits working to help save the species featured in the print you purchase. 

Meet the Designer, Magdalena Berger:

With an education background in Geography and Environmental Science, Magdalena landed her dream position working for the Koʻolau & Waiʻanae Watershed Partnership on O‘ahu in 2012.  Magdalena spent years in the field working alongside passionate botanists, biologists and natural resource managers throughout Hawaii before eventually relocating with her boyfriend (a Hilo boy gone Coast Guard) to Isabela, Puerto Rico. The obligation of frequently having to relocate due to her partner’s position in the US Military inspired Magdalena to create her own environmentally focused brand that would allow her to continue giving back to the communities and ecosystems that shaped and fueled her passions.

Sustainable & Ethical:

Our Prints with a Purpose are dyed in an eco-conscious process, fabricated on limited-run productions and printed on 100% regenerated nylon. Our high-end Italian fabrics are made from ECONYL® Fiber, in a process that reclaims old textiles and abandoned fishing nets to create the UV protection, ultra-durable swimwear fabric.

As an advocate for social justice worldwide, every MAGDAKINEDESIGNS product is sewn in Southern California before being shipped to your doorstep in recycled, recyclable and reusable packaging.

Giving Back:

Since starting the company in 2017, your MAGDAKINEDESIGNS purchases have helped fund sustainable fishing courses, swimming lessons and ocean stewardship classes in Mozambique, Africa.

Your purchases have also helped fund student employee positions in the University of Hawaiʻi Seed Storage Lab and outreach events on Hawaiʻi Island in an effort to stop Rapid ‘Ōhi‘a Death and save the sacred ʻōhiʻa trees of the islands.

Our Future:

As we continue to gain inspiration from all the eco-elegant and passionate women like ourselves, MAGDAKINEDESIGNS aims to build more than just a swimwear company. Our true goal is to one day create a global community of conscious consumers, just as determined as us, to help save our planet. Because that's what our future depends on.