• Why You Should Only be Buying Organic Cotton

    Did you know that pure organic, non-GMO cotton can actually save lives? It's true.

    Conventional cotton production is one of the world's most chemically-intensive crops and uses what the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) classifies as some of the most toxic chemicals. 

  • Protect What You Love - Surfers Choose Sustainable Swimwear at WSL Longboard Event

    Maria Fernanda Reyes and Callie Summerlin take first and second place in the 2019 World Surf League North America Longboard Championships, both choosing to wear sustainable swimwear brand MAGDAKINEDESIGNS as they paddled out into the final heat. 
  • How to Sustainably Wash (and dry) Your Bikini

    If there are two things we believe deserve our utmost TLC it’s our planet, and our favorite bikini. Here’s how to take care of both in our eco-frie...
  • Surf Wax: How’s it Harmful?

    It’s in every surfer’s arsenal (a pseudonym for rolling around somewhere in your car) but did you know that the surf wax you’re using could be harming you and the ocean?
  • 6 Plant Facts You'll be Fascinated to Know

    Can't call yourself a plant lover if you don't know these 6 facts.  Ok, maybe you can...but still, there's no denying these facts are pretty cool!
  • Surf More Sustainably - An A-Z List of Eco-Friendly Surf Products

    Our guide to all your sustainable surf essentials, in one easy to navigate list.
  • Shark Fin Soup...Why's it still on the menu?!

    Now banned in 12 US states and 3 US territories, the sale of shark fin soup has been made illegal in certain areas of the US, but that doesn’t mean it you can’t still find on the menu.
  • 5 Female Artists to Love - Inspiration For Your Home

    Home décor, fabric designs, tattoo ideas or even nail art (if you have any nails to art that is)…these ladies have got it going on. Here's 5 of our favorite female artists to give you some inspiration!
  • Does Living Plastic Free Cost More? - Interview with a Zero-Waste Practitioner

    Since 2017, I haven’t been contributing to landfill waste! And only a handful of items have ended up in recycling.
  • Forest Lovers - 5 Ways You Can Help the Amazon

    How can we help with the crisis in the Amazon? Forests are the lungs of our planet, and while they are currently burning at a record rate our hearts are breaking. Here’s our list (thank you worldwide web) of 5 ways you can help now.
  • Self-Care Saturday - 5 Simple Routines You Can Do Now

    Self-care means something different for everyone.  It can mean anything from spending an entire afternoon at the beach, to just spending a few minu...
  • Eco-Friendly Approach to Swimwear Printing - How's it Work?

    From digital designs to fabric prints - what’s the sustainable approach to swimwear printing you ask?  Well, let us introduce you to a little eco-f...