Protect What You Love - Surfers Choose Sustainable Swimwear at WSL Longboard Event

Maria Fernanda Reyes and Callie Summerlin take first and second place in the 2019 World Surf League North America Longboard Championships, both choosing to wear sustainable swimwear brand MAGDAKINEDESIGNS as they paddled out into the final heat. 


Fabrics made from regenerated fishing nets, hardware free and endangered species inspired prints, the brand's new Surf Approved + Sustainable collection includes favorites from the limited-edition styles that were made to stay on in the waves.

And in case you were doubtful that these sustainable designs can really handle a day in the waves, these professionals just proved it. 

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Callie Summerlin earns the 2019 North America Regional Longboard Title this weekend wearing sustainable swimwear brand, MAGDAKINEDESIGNS.

Callie Summerlin and Maria Fernanda Reyes choose sustainable swimwear brand MAGDAKINEDESIGNS to compete in the finals at the 2019 WSL North America Longboard Championships in Rincon, Puerto Rico


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Maria Fernanda Reyes takes first place at the 2019 WSL Rincon Surf Fest in her sustainable swimwear by MAGDAKINEDESIGNS. Photo by WSL / Darren Muschett

2019 Rincon Surf Fest WSL North America Longboard Championships winners wear sustainable swimwear brand MAGDAKINEDESIGNS

Maria Fernanda Reyes, Mafer, Sustainable Swimwear, WSL Longboard Championships, Domes Beach, Rincon Puerto Rico,

Maria Fernanda Reyes in the Isabela set by MAGDAKINEDESIGNS / Manta Ray Print. 

Congratulations to these ladies on their incredible surfing this past weekend, and high-fives for choosing sustainable on your path to victory!

Forever caring for the things we love. #SaveOurSeas



Photo credit to WSL / Darren Muschett and Zadhí Y. Matías Rosa

To read the final results from the 2019 WSL North America Longboard Championships click here. 

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