HELP for HOUSTON - How You Can Help

There are lots of organizations to donate to, but which one is the best?! Even with the right intentions, not every monetary donation you give goes to actually helping the cause.

donate to hurricane Harvey people in need Houston Texas

Well, we did little research this morning and found a nonprofit you can feel confident about giving your money too.

AMERICARES is a health focused nonprofit organization stating that 97% of their monetary donations go to directly helping the people in need and less than 3% goes to administration and overhead.  Those are numbers we can agree with!

Right now in Texas the nonprofit is working to provide first responders with basic resources and emergency medical supplies to help those affected by the hurricane. Rated 4/4 stars on Charity Navigator, you can join MAGDAKINEDESIGNS in helping the people of Texas currently in crisis. 


Have another recommendation? Please share below and help us help Houston.

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