Fabrics from Fishing Nets

Abandoned fishing nets (often referred to as “ghost nets”) are now recognized as a massive global problem.

ghost nets magdakinedesigns fabric from fishing nets ecoswimwear

Nets left in our oceans drift around collecting hundreds of thousands of organisms and eventually sink under the weight.  The nets make no distinction in their prey and capture marine mammals, fish, turtles, whales, birds, sharks, rays and invertebrates in their nylon webs, eventually starving and “drowning” our beautiful marine life. 

ghost nets magdakinedesigns ecoswimwear save our oceans

The fabric we use to make our swimwear is made from these nets along with other recycled textiles collected by volunteer divers in Belgium, the Netherlands, Italy, Greece and Croatia. 

magdakinedesigns recycled fabric from fishing nets econyl process

From waste to wear, our swimwear is an opportunity to be part of the solution to the ghost fishing net GLOBAL problem. Are you in?

Watch the ECONYL® regeneration process here to see how MAGDAKINEDESIGNS Swimwear fabric is made:

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