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Ethical is Sexy

Weekends are for the gals…and pals! And since last weekend we had a client tell us that we don’t communicate enough our “only ethical production” policy let us take a moment now to let you gals all know - we love humans. All humans. 

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Loving humans is sexy (and humane), and we value every human life. According to Vogue, Modern-day slavery entraps nearly 40 million humans worldwide, and the fashion industry is one of its biggest supporters. This is why we REFUSE to produce our swimwear at factories overseas, paying women and small children less than $1 per day in inhumane and dangerous work conditions just so we can sell our bikinis (at the SAME cost as our competitors) and increase the profit in our pockets. 

Nope, that’s just not us. 

MAGDAKINEDESIGNS products are always manufactured in sunny California.  We are proud to support a small family owned and operated factory that allows us to work hands-on with their staff and at the factory.

magdakinedesigns ethical is sexy eco swimwear bikinis made in the USA Magdalena berger

magdakinedesigns ethical is sexy eco fashion swimwear bikinis Magdalena berger made in the USA

Our swimwear designer, Magdalena Berger, working with production manager at our factory in Southern California.

So if you’re looking for a swimwear brand that loves and values every human life as much as you do, look no further! Because ethical is sexy...and humane.

ethical is sexy magdakinedesigns swimwear eco fashion bikinis Magdalena berger made in the USA 

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