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Positive News for the Ocean

Positive News for the Ocean

Headline reading done right. We're back at it again, tracking down and sharing some positive news to help bring a little hope into your day.

Standing in Solidarity

After we have pledged to fight, we must not forget. We continue to stand in solidarity, demand justice, and fight systemic racism even after our muted time is up.  Some... Read More
Resources for Allies with Black Lives Matter Movement - by sustainable swimwear brand MagdakineDesigns
Sustainable Swimwear designer, Magdalena Berger sits down for an interview on this episode of Conserve Nation

Now Streaming - Conserve Nation & MAGDAKINEDESIGNS Swimwear

Hi guys, it's me...Magdalena, owner and designer of MAGDAKINEDESIGNS. In April, I met up (virtually) with a friend and former conservation coworker where we got to catch up on all... Read More

Sustainable & Ethical Flower Sourcing this Mother's Day

Your guide to finding sustainably grown and ethically produced flowers for Mom this Mother's Day.
Sustainable and Ethical Flower Sourcing this Mother's Day, by sustainable swimwear brand MAGDAKINEDESIGNS
Reduce Microfiber Pollution, by Sustainable Swimwear brand MAGDAKINEDESIGNS

11 Laundry Tips for Reducing Microfiber Pollution

Did you know that every time you wash synthetic fabrics tiny pieces of microfibers are released? These tiny microfibers are too small to be filtered at waste treatment plants and eventually end up in our waterways.

Positive News for the Ocean

A quick read to help you see the brighter side of the COVID-19 situation and to celebrate the positive things currently happening in our oceans. 
Positive Ocean News by Sustainable Swimwear brand, MAGDAKINEDESIGNS
13 Best Surf Photographers (Male and Female).

13 Surf Photographers to Follow on Instagram

If COVID lockdown has you feeling nostalgic for a day on the waves, take a look at these 13 Surf Photographers we love and enjoy a moment reminiscing on what heaven feels like. 

Celebrate ʻŌhiʻa Lehua Day 2020 - April 25th

April is not only Earth Month but it's also Hawaii Native Species Month. Even better and more specifically, April 25th has officially been proclaimed ʻŌhiʻa Lehua Day by the State of Hawaii.... Read More
Ohia Lehua Day 2020, Native Hawaii Plant Month, Native Hawaii Species Month
quarantine bingo, quarantine bingo card, instagram bingo quarantine, coronavirus bingo, coronavirus bingo game, coronavirus activities, quarantine bingo card, magdakine quarantine bingo

Quarantine Bingo

What have you been doing with your time? Take our bingo card, mark it up, share it with a friend, inspire a friend, hell pick up the phone and call... Read More

Nationwide Women Strike in Mexico to Protest Femicide and Violence

On Monday, March 9, 2020 tens of thousands of women in Mexico vacated from classrooms and offices as part of a nationwide strike to protest gender-based violence and the lack... Read More
Women Strike and march in Mexico to protest the lack of government response to rising femicide rates in the country.